Personal Care

Kissable Condoms Generic Male Condoms Packing(As per Requirement)
Natural Plain condoms 3's & 10's
Plain dotted condoms 3's & 10's
Plain multi texture condoms 3's & 10's

Each of the above are available in various flavours like chocolate, strawberry, green apple, mango, banana etc

Female Condoms As per Requirement
Lubricated Natural plain condoms Individual packs
Diapers Size
Nappy Diapers S, M, L, XL,XXL 5 pieces/ 30 pieces/ 60 pieces
Adult Diapers As per specification
ORS Packing (As per Requirement)
Oral Rehydration Salt Single Use, Multiple Use
Disinfectant Packing (As per Requirement)
Hand Sanitizing lotion/Gel 10ml,100ml